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A Tribute to A Princess

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Congratulations to HRH Princess Yeye Mayegun Onanuga for receiving the great honor of being a Presenter at Nigeria’s first annual Glam awards. Princess Onanuga is a Nollywood Mega Star, she has her own magazine and she is also a Titled Chief in the Republic of Ireland under HRM Shaheed Ibrahim. She has also created the Princess Royal Foundation, which feeds orphans, families stricken with disease (such as AIDS and Ebola), and clothes for the less fortunate throughout Africa, and the world. She is a true role model for girls and women, globally, a fine example of a real Queen and wonderful human being. Be on the lookout for her new movie in the works, “Future”, which is a very powerful story of how one who has lost their way can find a path to becoming their full selves.

The Carlton Brown Foundation team is honored to have the chance to let the world know how much we love and support all you do, HRH.

Respectfully submitted by Carlton Brown Foundation Worldwide Team.
Each one, teach one.